June 2021 Month In Review

A rainy start to the English summer has meant a busy month for StaticForms

Simon Fletcher on July 3, 2021

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After a few months when StaticForms didn't get a lot of attention, June was a month full of updates! Key changes included:

  • a visual refresh of the whole application;
  • tweaks to the main dashboard;
  • a major update to the submissions dashboard (spam submissions now have their own inbox, leaving the main inbox more focused on genuine submissions, paging and sorting of submissions, new submission management capabilities, and a visualisation of daily / monthly submissions);
  • a new-look "Thank-you" page; and
  • more secure access to uploaded files.

Oh, and a brand new integration with Revue, Twitter's newsletter service.

There were some important changes behind the scenes too:

  • the main application was upgraded to .NET 5, which should result in faster performance; and
  • a new email provider was introduced, which should result in more reliable delivery of submission notifications and auto-responder emails.

On the business side, StaticForms got 6 new sign-ups this month, though only 5 hooked up an actual form.

I'm determined to start spending more time on marketing so, with that in mind, I implemented Plausible Analytics part way through month. From next month I should start getting some information on visitors (whilst fully respecting their privacy) to tell me more about what is and isn't working when I actually start doing some marketing.

For anyone who hasn't come across it, Plausible is a privacy-first analytics solution that doesn't use cookies and is fully compliant with GDPR, CCPA and PECR. It's very limited compared to Google Analytics but, for someone with my level of marketing expertise, it tells me everything I need to know whilst not invading anyone's privacy - a win for everyone.