Introducing Revue Integration

StaticForms now integrates with Revue. Add new subscribers - no code required.

Simon Fletcher on June 27, 2021

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StaticForms now integrates with Revue by Twitter.

If you want to publish an email newsletter, Revue is a great option. It's easy to use, free to get started, and Twitter takes a very reasonable cut on paid newsletters.

Revue provides a sign-up form which you can embed on your website, so you might be asking why you would need to use StaticForms? The answer is flexibility:

  • learn more about your readers

    With Revue's sign-up form the only information you can get is the reader's first and last names and their email address.

    Want to find out how they heard about you? Want to ask them what topics they're interested in? Or learn anything else about them? You're out of luck.

  • make your sign-up form look how you want

    With StaticForms, you get complete control over how your form looks and works, so you can integrate it with your existing website and make it really look like it belongs.

  • filter out spam

    With a StaticForms form, you can easily add a honeypot field, or integrate Google reCAPTCHA, to filter out spam submissions.

  • integrate with other apps

    Want to add your email subscribers to your email marketing or CRM applications? With StaticForms you can - with more integrations coming soon (let us know if there's a specific app you'd like StaticForms to integrate with).

Check out our docs for details on how to link your StaticForms-powered form to Revue.