We rebuilt our website with eleventy!

Simon Fletcher on May 23, 2021

Cover image for blog post - We rebuilt our website with eleventy!

You may not have noticed it, but there's a new version of the StaticForms website and blog in town. You won't see any differences on the surface but under the hood everything has changed.

The original StaticForms website was built using C# / ASP.NET, whilst the blog was built using Saber. There's nothing wrong with either but two different technologies meant two different hosting platforms and two different build and deploymennt processes - way to much mental overhead.

The new site is built using Eleventy, a Javascript-based static site generator. It uses plain HTML files or Markdown for content, stitches everything together using tempates, and is blazingly fast - the whole website, including all blog posts, is generated in less than 4 seconds!

Static sites are fast and secure and using Eleventy with Markdown for blog pages and standard HTML/CSS for everything else is super-productive which, hopefully, means this blog will get updated a bit more regularly. 😊