Auto-Responder Enhancements

Simon Fletcher on February 8, 2020

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Today we have some improvements to the auto-responders introduced a couple of weeks ago. When we launched auto-responders the only thing you could configure was the field that had the email address that the email woud be sent to. With today's change we add the ability to edit the content of the email, the subject line and the sender details.

When you enable the auto-responder you'll see a new button to access the configuration page.

Screenshot of form settings page

We support for the content of the auto-responder email. Markdown is an easy to read formatting syntax for plain text that we convert to HTML when we generate the auto-responder email.

Screenshot of auto-responder configuration page

Check out Markdown Guide for an introduction and cheatsheet and click the Preview link to view what your content will look like.

Screenshot of honeypot settings