Autoresponders and more

Automatically send follow up emails after a form is submitted

Photo credit: Brett Jordan

Today marks the release of a major new feature - auto-responders - and an enhancement to make honeypot fields more flexible for filtering formbot spam.

First up, auto-responders.

By ticking just one box you can now send a thank-you email to the person who submitted a form.

Screenshot of auto-responder settings

By default StaticForms will look for inputs with a name of _email and send a thank-you email to the email addresses they contain. You can, of course, customise this to any name you like.

Next, honeypot improvements

The use of "honeypot" fields to help identify formbot spam was introduced a couple of months ago. In today's release we improve this by making it a little more customizable. You can now specify the name of the honeypot field, to give you an even better chance of fooling the bots and filtering out form spam.

Screenshot of honeypot settings

Just make sure you use the same name on the honeypot field in your form.

    <input style="display:none" name="_looking_out_for_spam" type="hidden" />

Coming (very) soon

Over the next couple of weeks I'll be adding the ability to edit the content of the Thank You emails and web pages. Keep an eye out for the next blog post!