We have a new marketing site!

Our marketing site is now a static website built using Saber

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We launched with just a marketing site, hand-crafted from HTML and CSS.
I knew this wasn't a long term solution and planned to move over to a Content Management System (CMS) at some point to make it quicker and easier to update the marketing site and also to add a blog.

For a variety of reasons, I didn't go for a CMS but opted to use a static web site generator - Saber. I have a blog post coming soon where I discuss my reasons for going with a static site and how I chose Saber.

I initially planned to use Saber just for the blog and, after some trial and error to get it up and running (the documentation is a bit patchy - I've got another blog post coming soon that walks through the basic setup), went live with the blog in mid-October. I was so pleased with the result, and with the power and flexibility of Saber, that I decided to move the marketing site over too.

As of today both the blog and the marketing site are statically generated using Saber.

You may not see much difference other than it being a bit faster, but it should be more secure and I should be able to update it more often!