StaticForms is live!

Monday 30th September is launch day...

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A month ago I decided to build StaticForms.

I'd built a website using VuePress, a static website generator based, as the name suggests, on Vue and needed to add a contact form. No such luck, as static web sites use simple file hosting, there is no server to process anything.

The first commit to the StaticForms repo was on the 5th of September. It contained less than 50 lines of code. A single Azure Function. But it proved that my idea of using HTTP triggered serverless functions could work as the back-end for collecting data from forms embedded in a web page.

Four weeks later and StaticForms is ready to be exposed to the world.

It's basic, but functional. Over the coming weeks I'll build out more functionality - I have lots of ideas - but feel free to check it out and let me know what you think!